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Kamila Sidiqi Foundation

The Kamila Sidiqi Foundation is working to re-open the doors of education for Afghan girls.

Our team of educators across Kabul is working to help young girls continue their learning in crucial areas like Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and English.

Our work does not focus on education alone and our educators are actively working to ensure the mental health and well-being of girls who come from different backgrounds. Many of these girls were suffering from depression before joining the classes. They have been barred from school and most of them come from families that are facing financial struggles and are not available to afford even the most basic amenities for their children.

We are working to ensure that these girls continue learning and have access to a positive environment.

Supporting Afghan girls aged 11+ to continue with their education safely

Supporting out-of-work women educators who have been affected by the ban on girls’ education and work

Providing all education amenities and tools for our scholars

Conducting regular English-speaking and basic computer courses for our scholars

Voices from our Classes

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Ayat -

Student, Grade 7

“My name is Ayat. I am 15 years old. I was studying in 7th grade when the Taliban came and banned girls above twelve years of age from attending school.

I remember we were at the school and had an exam on that day. However, before we could start our exam we were sent home as the government had collapsed and the Taliban had taken over power.

Within a few days of coming into power, they issued the decree banning young girls from school and university. When I came to know this, I was in total shock. We had always been told at school and home that we are the future of the country and now I found that we had been pushed in a corner.

It seemed that the world had forgotten about us. However, in 2022, hope came in the form of the Kamila Sidiqi Foundation. After I came to know about this class and this wonderful opportunity I was so happy and hope returned to my life again. I am now continuing my studies and I feel that my time is being well utilized.

I am so grateful to the network and satisfied with our teacher. We are also provided school supplies like books, notebooks, and pens. I want to express my happiness and gratefulness to all the people who are working to support this network.”

Mina -

Student, Grade 9

“On Aug.2021 when Taliban forces seized power in Afghanistan and imposed their rule in the country, they issued an official declaration that banned and closed the educational sector for female students across the country. Till that time I had big dreams and plans. I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor. After the arrival of the Taliban, I lost all hope and became quite depressed. I felt that I will never be able to accomplish my dreams. I had always been taught that learning and seeking knowledge is obligatory in Islam for both men and women. Why then were girls being stopped from going to school? After some time, my parents encouraged me not to lose faith and I continued my lessons at home with the help of my parents.

I then came to know about the classes being offered through the Kamila Sidiqi Foundation. It was a golden opportunity for me and I decided to make the most of this opportunity and joined these classes without losing any time. I am determined to study, even though we still face many challenges. My family is going through a difficult time financially and we are not able to afford stationery. However, I am determined to continue my studies. I have improved vastly since joining these classes because our teachers are very kind and give great attention to solving our problems and questions.

I am grateful for this opportunity. I have many friends who are still not able to continue their studies due to the limited number of students. I hope the Network can help them too.”

Rahima -


“I am deeply saddened to see the drastic changes that have come to my country since the arrival of the new regime. Life has changed for us socially and economically. Taliban have closed educational institutions for girls and women and declared that women are prohibited to go to schools and universities. Due to these challenges all the desires, objectives, and dreams of Afghan girls and women have been broken to pieces, and many Afghan girls are now suffering from depression as they see no future for themselves in these countries

This situation has not only changed the life of the girls but also destroyed the visions and dreams of all Afghan parents who were expecting their daughters to have a bright future. The entire young generation of women and girls of the country is now deprived of education and are forced to stay at home.

The Kamila Sidiqi Foundation has brought hope to the lives of small girls. They dare to dream again and are working hard to achieve their aspirations of a bright future.”

It has been over
days since the Taliban banned teenage girls from school.